Past, Present, Forever Progress and Hiatus :(

Hi fellow stitchers!

2017-03-10 13.53.11

I’ve finally reached my Past, Present, Forever “checkpoint”. A good portion of the backstitching has been completed and I didn’t dread the backstitches as much as I expected to (though I did dread it for a different reason).

I don’t know if my kit’s just gotten old and the floss is deteriorating with age (oops!) or if the floss quality isn’t as good as it should be, but I’ve had many instances of my threads breaking with the backstitches! Or maybe, since I like to bring the thread to the front and to the back (or vice versa) with one major pull, or the friction caused by the Glissen Gloss blending filament thread, or a combination of everything, but overall it’s been so frustrating!

On a more positive note, I really do like the definition the backstiching has given the piece so far. I initially thought that the backstitching would make the castle look more cartoonish and give it a more “blocky” appearance, but I do like how it’s turned out. It looks more refined, haha. A lot of the backstitching was a bit hard to find in the beginning because of the subtle color changes in the castle, and post and wall. After finishing the backstitches, they have added a nice contrast to the colors :).

2017-03-10 13.41.40

This came in the mail today after me pining for several months and Amazon canceling the order because it was out of stock :). Some of you guys know the drill: I post a picture of the backside of the packaging and make the kit reveal after I start stitching haha. So…I probably won’t be buying any more kits soon because I’ve gotten all the ones I’ve eagerly wanted and my pooor wallet.

2017-03-10 13.45.45

I’ll be taking a small break from the Past, Present, Forever piece :(. Part of the reason is I’ve been fed up with the threads breaking, and more so because I’ve been neglecting a book I’d like to finish reading soon. For anyone who’s curious, it’s “The Blinding Knife” by Brent Weeks. I’m about halfway through and my goal is to finish it before I start back up with this project. I’ll still be working here and there on my other kits though :).

Until then, happy stitching and see you guys in the next post!



I turn 26 today, guys! This is what I got myself and I’m soo tempted to open and start stitching the new pattern, but I have to finish both the Cinderella’s Castle and the flowers patterns before I get to this one :/.

The new pattern’s (I won’t reveal what it is until I start stitching >:D) finished size is about that of the “Flowers and Lace” pattern. The major difference though is that the “Flowers and Lace” has a lot of empty areas without stitches and this new pattern will not, so it’ll probably end up taking a lot more time to complete.

Jan. 27, 2017

Speaking of Cinderella’s Castle, all the cross-stitches are done :D. I meant to post a picture of it now, but turns out the pictures I thought I had aren’t on my phone! :(. I’ll edit this post tomorrow morning with the picture.


Hi readers 🙂

Haha so, a year has passed since I last posted a picture update of my Past, Present, Forever WIP. Has it really been that long and has time passed that quickly? This piece has to stop being a WIP soon, but I have a big feeling two or three years might pass and this will still be a WIP, lol.

I finished the last of the DMC 501 dark blue green(?) stitches and most of the random stitches I missed (I’m getting soooo sick of these confetti stitches!). I hope next to update soon with all the cross-stitches done here, then on to the backstitches after that. 🙂 Can someone please explain why backstitches seem to be one of the most hated things for cross-stitching? And last, the embellishments and this piece will be all done :D.

Jan. 13, 2017

Flower Leaves and a Trip to Michaels

Hi readers!

I was hoping to have more stitching done since I’m done with classes and have more free time, but I’ve been very in-between having that time to go through my to-read list of novels and cross-stitching. That coupled with me liking to stay in most of time, well…let’s just say my boyfriend jokes about me being an old soul, haha.


As promised in my last entry, here’s some greenery added to my Flowers and Lace WIP.


I made an overdue trip to Michaels yesterday to get more floss and a bead storage box for my earrings. I figured I’d go to Michaels when I could get all those items in one trip. This past week, I finally used up all the black floss for the surprise gift (I’m almost done with it!) and the blue green floss for my Past, Present, Forever kit I’m working on. This is the first time I didn’t have enough DMC floss for a kit.

The DMC 501 blue green looks pretty much the same though! 🙂

Completed Projects and WIPs

burrito . ducks . elegant geisha . flowers and lace . good fortune . past, present, forever . surprise/mystery gift – batman! . teddy bear gathering

*linked webpage = completed project. no link = WIP

Getting to the Homestretch

Dec. 10, 2015

The tweeding phase is done! 🙂 I’m super excited with the progress and I’ve gotten a bit impatient, so I’ll be completing the stitches for Walt Disney and Mickey next.


2015-12-10 01.17.41

This arrived today, welp. I ordered ear buds off of Amazon, felt opportunistic and added one of the cross-stitch kits I wanted to the order to get free shipping. 🙂 I won’t be starting the kit any time soon, but it’s definitely something to look forward to.

On a Roll

I’ve gotten back into the groove!

2015-11-14 00.18.16Here’s a list of stitches/symbols that required tweeding that helped me get back into the rhythm. I started with the symbols with the smaller amount of stitches and worked my way through the list. There’s something so satisfying about striking things out as you complete them :).

2015-11-14 00.19.23I drew boxes next to the ones I’ll get to soon…and made another list of the colors I’ll have to put aside too. In the meantime, I’ll be stitching in some gaps I left in the pattern (I’ll be leaving Mickey and Walt Disney for near the end :D)

Nov. 14, 2015

I’m guessing my next picture updates for this pattern will be when:

  • all the tweeding is finished
  • all the full cross stitches and half cross stitches are done
  • all the details are added in and EVERYTHING is done

I’m quite happy that it’s moving along again! How do you girls keep focused on a cross stitch project? Or what inspires you to pick up a project again after a long time period?