Past, Present, Forever Progress and Hiatus :(

Hi fellow stitchers!

2017-03-10 13.53.11

I’ve finally reached my Past, Present, Forever “checkpoint”. A good portion of the backstitching has been completed and I didn’t dread the backstitches as much as I expected to (though I did dread it for a different reason).

I don’t know if my kit’s just gotten old and the floss is deteriorating with age (oops!) or if the floss quality isn’t as good as it should be, but I’ve had many instances of my threads breaking with the backstitches! Or maybe, since I like to bring the thread to the front and to the back (or vice versa) with one major pull, or the friction caused by the Glissen Gloss blending filament thread, or a combination of everything, but overall it’s been so frustrating!

On a more positive note, I really do like the definition the backstiching has given the piece so far. I initially thought that the backstitching would make the castle look more cartoonish and give it a more “blocky” appearance, but I do like how it’s turned out. It looks more refined, haha. A lot of the backstitching was a bit hard to find in the beginning because of the subtle color changes in the castle, and post and wall. After finishing the backstitches, they have added a nice contrast to the colors :).

2017-03-10 13.41.40

This came in the mail today after me pining for several months and Amazon canceling the order because it was out of stock :). Some of you guys know the drill: I post a picture of the backside of the packaging and make the kit reveal after I start stitching haha. So…I probably won’t be buying any more kits soon because I’ve gotten all the ones I’ve eagerly wanted and my pooor wallet.

2017-03-10 13.45.45

I’ll be taking a small break from the Past, Present, Forever piece :(. Part of the reason is I’ve been fed up with the threads breaking, and more so because I’ve been neglecting a book I’d like to finish reading soon. For anyone who’s curious, it’s “The Blinding Knife” by Brent Weeks. I’m about halfway through and my goal is to finish it before I start back up with this project. I’ll still be working here and there on my other kits though :).

Until then, happy stitching and see you guys in the next post!


5 thoughts on “Past, Present, Forever Progress and Hiatus :(

  1. Looks beautiful 🙂 Have you tried using Thread Heaven on your threads before stitching? It gives the cotton a very slight and completely unnoticable coating that really does minimise both tangling and breakages 🙂 I work 1×1 on 28 count HAED charts and was getting so frustrated with both breakage and tangling until someone introduced me too it 🙂


    1. Oooh thanks Toni! Thread Heaven sounds super useful! What texture does it give the floss when coatings are applied? Google Images makes it look pretty waxy.


  2. This is so good! I don’t have the patience for large samplers, and I’ve been stitching for (well *ahem*) over twenty years lol… it looks amazing! I’d definitely agree with the thread heaven, I swear by it for metallics, and it doesn’t seem to leave any gunk behind! 🙂


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