Cross-stitching Tips and a Cute Find for Small Patterns

I’ve gotten into a slight cross-stitch binge since getting the “Elegant Geisha” kit. While reading up on stitching techniques, I found the tip on creating “waste knots” incredibly helpful considering how often I need to change threads and how often I accidentally pull the end out before making the first stitch. I’ll probably start stitching grid lines later on as I stitch more too. That’ll probably free up a lot of time I spend trying to find stitch placement.

So, there are these neat, little contraptions called “grime guards” for keeping the outer parts of the fabric clean as you’re stitching. myknitsnpearls made a post about it here.

Stumbled upon Daily Cross Stitch today as well. Super cute, small patterns are sold for $1.00 $2.99 [EDITED: 10/4/15] each on the site. According to Reddit (a site I visit regularly), every once in a while the patterns can go down to $0.25 during random sales. 🙂


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