Completing the Four Quadrants

Progress post: divided up the remaining cross-stitches and half-stitches into four quadrants.

After the progress from April 15th, I still have to fill in the blank spaces I left, haha.

Then I’ll get to the overlay colors with pretty white blending filaments, and finally to the details (back stitches, coaching, and french knots)

Here’s to getting this project/kit to completion!


More Winter Trees…



Got a lot of progress in this month :). I’ve finally done a lot of stitching that required combining colors and also have gotten better at stitching faster without having to flip the design on its back. Found that the 10×10 grids were a great guide to work with instead of working aimlessly in sections.

Unfortunately I goofed and did cross stitches in green instead of half cross-stitches. I’ll leave them to the end to decide whether I want to redo the stitches or to leave them be.

I’m Back!…Sorta


Can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since my last post! I’m not even really sure what to type in this post, lol. I was a bit unmotivated to cross-stitch til just recently. Won’t be going into details unless enough of you are interested :P.

I’ve only just worked on stitches with combined colors and working on these stitches have helped build momentum to continue working on this project.

It’s also been taking some getting used to adding stitches in between all the stitches that require six strands. Those stitches with the six strands are particularly thick and a bit difficult to work around if I have to fill in the spaces surrounding them.

I’m hoping to start posting somewhat regularly again! It’s certainly been a while.

…and a shameless plug, if anyone’s interested in following me to see what I’ve been up to, my Instagram tag is @michii3838.