Why I Love to Cross-stitch

Recently, I’ve come across several posts from people about why they like to cross-stitch, and I’ve decided to make a post of my own.

I made a short version of why in the form of a comment here, and I’d like to expand upon it. Turns out, confessionsofamessycrafter shares a very similar sentiment as I do. 🙂

I find that cross-stitching is a lot like coloring, but with thread! It’s like filling fabric with 8-bit art in the form of stitches. The stitches and the various knots, like lazy daisies and french knots to name a few, add a bit of dimension and texture to the art. As much as I do complain sometimes about how much work the knots can be, they produce a beautiful result (and I will admit they’re sometimes fun to do)!

Cross-stitching is incredibly therapeutic and I love being able to gradually see the stitches come together to form a pattern. I kinda get a rush from the sense of instant gratification, haha. What’s great is that not only do I feel the accomplishment in finishing a piece, but I feel the accomplishment in general throughout the whole process of making the stitches.

I enjoy how cross-stitching is what I consider relatively “low-maintenance”. Cross-stitching doesn’t require my mind to be constantly focused on cross-stitching itself. While I like to read novels and play piano too (lemme shamelessly link you to my YouTube account :P), my mind has to be active for those activities. With books, I have to actively keep track of the plot, characters, themes, etc.; with the piano, I have to pay attention to how I play the notes. When I’m cross-stitching, what I love is being able to stitch while doing another activity, like watch a movie or listen to music.

Learning to cross-stitch in the early stages was simple to grasp, and is one of those things you learn and never forget (aside from the more complex knots). I say this because for playing the piano, I would have to practice every day to be able to keep my skill level tip top, or I would forget how and be unable to play as well as I could or should be able to, like I do to this day. 😦

Well..that about covers everything about why I like to cross-stitch. As an afterthought, I hope to someday be inspired to cross-stitch an original piece I’d be able to come up with. It’d be a big feat since I don’t have a creative bone in my body (that I know of)! 🙂

Why do you like to cross-stitch? Feel free to comment below!