A while ago (I can’t believe it’s been more than a year!) I posted about a project I was working on as a gift. And here’s the reveal:


This was part of an anniversary present to my boyfriend and he absolutely adored it! :D. I admitted to him before he unwrapped it on Sunday that I was nervous because as I got closer and closer to finishing the design before that day, I got more and more anxious about whether he’d like it or not. His reaction of delight right after was a joy (and a great relief) to see!

Credit to Cross Stitch Chart Heaven for the Batman design. The site has a lot of designs with “silhouette art?”. I figured my boyfriend would like this Batman one because he usually likes to bring back superhero related artwork and t-shirts from anime/comic book conventions, and recently, he’s bought quite of few pieces of silhouette paper craft artwork by Will Pigg.

I guess I have to go back now add a “batman” tag to my posts previously just tagged with “surprise”. 🙂


Flower Leaves and a Trip to Michaels

Hi readers!

I was hoping to have more stitching done since I’m done with classes and have more free time, but I’ve been very in-between having that time to go through my to-read list of novels and cross-stitching. That coupled with me liking to stay in most of time, well…let’s just say my boyfriend jokes about me being an old soul, haha.


As promised in my last entry, here’s some greenery added to my Flowers and Lace WIP.


I made an overdue trip to Michaels yesterday to get more floss and a bead storage box for my earrings. I figured I’d go to Michaels when I could get all those items in one trip. This past week, I finally used up all the black floss for the surprise gift (I’m almost done with it!) and the blue green floss for my Past, Present, Forever kit I’m working on. This is the first time I didn’t have enough DMC floss for a kit.

The DMC 501 blue green looks pretty much the same though! 🙂

Completed Projects and WIPs


burrito . ducks . elegant geisha . flowers and lace . good fortune . past, present, forever . surprise/mystery gift – batman! . teddy bear gathering

*linked webpage = completed project. no link = WIP

Elegant Geisha – week 4

2015-09-21 23.37.07No more backstitching, just some lazy daisies, French knots, and bullion knots left :D. Youtube videos were super helpful in learning those techniques. After I’m finished (hopefully by next week) I will post close-ups of the pattern to show how intricate the design is.

I actually had to go back and stitch parts I missed because it was so intricate. one section of sakura, I messed up on the green stems by stitching them either one block down or up, I can’t really remember at the moment. The mistake doesn’t really interfere with how it’s supposed to look, so I didn’t bother to fix it. O:)

2015-09-21 20.03.52I started a new project today since my fingers were tired from the French knots and the lazy daisies, haha.

The past Saturday, I went back to Michaels (after I went on Friday) and bought some floss and two rolls of aida cloth. Aida cloth is so cheap! I foresee quite a few trips back to Michaels knowing this now. :X

I’m going to keep what I’m making a secret for now as it’s a gift and I’m hoping the person will not find out by stumbling upon my blog. I will post a picture of the finished product by the end of this year or about half a year from now depending on how soon I finish it. It involves a lot of black cross-stitches and I might lose my mind by the time I complete the project.

So, if I don’t happen to post as often, it’s because I’m working on this new project. 🙂