A while ago (I can’t believe it’s been more than a year!) I posted about a project I was working on as a gift. And here’s the reveal:


This was part of an anniversary present to my boyfriend and he absolutely adored it! :D. I admitted to him before he unwrapped it on Sunday that I was nervous because as I got closer and closer to finishing the design before that day, I got more and more anxious about whether he’d like it or not. His reaction of delight right after was a joy (and a great relief) to see!

Credit to Cross Stitch Chart Heaven for the Batman design. The site has a lot of designs with “silhouette art?”. I figured my boyfriend would like this Batman one because he usually likes to bring back superhero related artwork and t-shirts from anime/comic book conventions, and recently, he’s bought quite of few pieces of silhouette paper craft artwork by Will Pigg.

I guess I have to go back now add a “batman” tag to my posts previously just tagged with “surprise”. šŸ™‚


More Pattern/Kit Resources

pdxstitch has an awesome list of links for patterns and resources, and weelittlestitches has the cutest cross-stitch patterns she made of popular culture references. I couldn’t stop staring at the Game of Thrones and Disney Princesses patterns! Go check them out!

I went to Michaels today, got a frame for the Elegant Geisha kit (almost done!) and my first embroidery hoop :O. Honestly, I have no idea how I’ve stitched so long without one.

2015-09-18 17.13.11

Another Tip and Site for Cross-stitch Kits and Patterns

WordPress cross-stitchers, you are awesome! I love getting updates of what beautiful designs everyone is working on whether it be kits or original works. I’m always greeted by pages of colorful and pretty stitches. šŸ™‚

I’m super appreciative that some of you post descriptions of your stitching experiences and helpful tips. Today, I came across a tip from craftscapades for making a “loop start at the front“. Seems like it beats “burying the thread”.

needlesflossapplesauce mentioned a cool site for cross-stitch kits/patterns, Sew and So. The site looks to be based in the UK, so I’m not sure if I’ll be ordering from there sometime soon, but there are a few that look tempting to buy like this. I shouldn’t even be considering it since I still have two other patterns I’m currently working on to finish!

Cross-stitching Tips and a Cute Find for Small Patterns

I’ve gotten into a slight cross-stitch binge since getting the “Elegant Geisha” kit. While reading up on stitching techniques, I found the tip on creating “waste knots” incredibly helpful considering how often I need to change threads and how often I accidentally pull the end out before making the first stitch. I’ll probably start stitching grid lines later on as I stitch more too. That’ll probably free up a lot of time I spend trying to find stitch placement.

So, there are these neat, little contraptions called “grime guards” for keeping the outer parts of the fabric clean as you’re stitching. myknitsnpearls made a post about it here.

Stumbled upon Daily Cross Stitch today as well. Super cute, small patterns are sold for $1.00 $2.99 [EDITED: 10/4/15] each on the site. According to Reddit (a site I visit regularly), every once in a while the patterns can go down to $0.25 during random sales. šŸ™‚

Wish List [updated 9/16/17]

  1. Teddy Bear Gathering
  2. Seashell Treasures [added 9/16/17]
  3. Wreath of All Seasons
  4. Flowers and Lace [added 9/1/15]
  5. Aurora Cabin [added 7/9/16]
  6. Woodland Enchantress [added 2/24/17]
  7. Fall Fairie [added 5/18/17]
  8. Twilight Bridge
  9. Hummingbird Fuchsias
  10. Japanese Garden
  11. Oriental Orchids

While Iā€™m spam posting today, this is a list of the next kits I want to get (starting from #1). Amazon surprisingly has a nice selection of kits under the seller, Dimensions Needlecrafts.