Another Tip and Site for Cross-stitch Kits and Patterns

WordPress cross-stitchers, you are awesome! I love getting updates of what beautiful designs everyone is working on whether it be kits or original works. I’m always greeted by pages of colorful and pretty stitches. 🙂

I’m super appreciative that some of you post descriptions of your stitching experiences and helpful tips. Today, I came across a tip from craftscapades for making a “loop start at the front“. Seems like it beats “burying the thread”.

needlesflossapplesauce mentioned a cool site for cross-stitch kits/patterns, Sew and So. The site looks to be based in the UK, so I’m not sure if I’ll be ordering from there sometime soon, but there are a few that look tempting to buy like this. I shouldn’t even be considering it since I still have two other patterns I’m currently working on to finish!


3 thoughts on “Another Tip and Site for Cross-stitch Kits and Patterns

  1. I’m always tempted by patterns, no matter how many I have on the go. I keep taking out magazines and not putting them away because “there’s a pattern in this one that I want to do at some point and if I put it away I might not find it again”.


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