Elegant Geisha – week 4

2015-09-21 23.37.07No more backstitching, just some lazy daisies, French knots, and bullion knots left :D. Youtube videos were super helpful in learning those techniques. After I’m finished (hopefully by next week) I will post close-ups of the pattern to show how intricate the design is.

I actually had to go back and stitch parts I missed because it was so intricate. And..in one section of sakura, I messed up on the green stems by stitching them either one block down or up, I can’t really remember at the moment. The mistake doesn’t really interfere with how it’s supposed to look, so I didn’t bother to fix it. O:)

2015-09-21 20.03.52I started a new project today since my fingers were tired from the French knots and the lazy daisies, haha.

The past Saturday, I went back to Michaels (after I went on Friday) and bought some floss and two rolls of aida cloth. Aida cloth is so cheap! I foresee quite a few trips back to Michaels knowing this now. :X

I’m going to keep what I’m making a secret for now as it’s a gift and I’m hoping the person will not find out by stumbling upon my blog. I will post a picture of the finished product by the end of this year or about half a year from now depending on how soon I finish it. It involves a lot of black cross-stitches and I might lose my mind by the time I complete the project.

So, if I don’t happen to post as often, it’s because I’m working on this new project. 🙂

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