I’ve been a bit tied up with renovations at my boyfriend’s new place. There will be a hobby/cross-stitching room for me :). Before he got the place, the room used to look like this:


The place used to be a 3 bedroom and 2 bath, and then the previous owner tore down one of the bedrooms and made an open area to make it a 2 bedroom and 2 bath. My boyfriend put in the recessed lighting and I have yet to get a pic to reflect the painting to the walls that we’ve done. (EDIT: Meant to add that we’ve been taking out the popcorn on the ceiling and the open den was no exception.)


As for the cross-stitching, the blanket took a while to finish up. While I cross-stitch, I like to watch a tv show or listen to music/podcast. I’ve been watching Danny Phantom and listening to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me. Do you guys watch or listen to something while cross-stitching like I do? If so, what have you been watching or listening to?


4 thoughts on “Blanket

  1. That room looks beautiful! It’s great to hear you have a cozy place to stitch your projects now. πŸ™‚ I too enjoy listening to podcasts while stitching. Lately I have been listening to the Let’s Not Meet podcast (real-life creepy encounters with people read by the host and several guests) and the Killafornia Dreamin’ podcast (the host talks about true crime cases).

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  2. How great that you’ll have a crafting space! Looks like it has wonderful light for stitching too!
    I like to stitch watching tv, or listening to podcasts too! I’m a huge movie nerd so (quite publicly) listen to Skip to the End, and a few other movie related podcasts as well as Cottage Notebook which is a craft podcast by a friend who participates in the twitter craft group I co-run, also the odd random craft podcast, there are a few around! πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m jealous of a crafty space – I have a chair & some baskets.
    Currently listening to books that I’ve read earlier – Nalini Singh or Nora Roberts – or podcasts such as No Such Thing as a Fish or Fiber Talk or The Next Right Thing or selected Super Soul Sundays…

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