2016-07-11 00.01.04

What do I do when I’m supposed to be productive or I’m supposed to continue my WIPs? Why I start a new project of course! 😦 The design I’ll be working on is another from Dimensions and is called “Flowers and Lace”

2016-07-10 12.00.08

I stitched up grid lines with some thread from kits my grandmother gave me when visiting from China a while back. The thought behind the gifts and gesture were sweet, but honestly gosh were the kits low quality and lacking. That cardboard of thread was all that was provided for each of the kits pictured above, and I don’t think there’s enough cloth for the design! Might as well use the small amount of thread for something..

2016-07-10 23.59.58

So yeah…about that lace, here’s all the floss provided just for that part of the design. I suppose it’ll be fun. I don’t know whether I’ll be excited or I’ll dread it when get I there, haha.

5 thoughts on “Mmm…Lace

  1. Those are some cute new projects! I agree that it doesn’t quite look like there will be enough thread to finish, though. Perhaps you can take some small snips of each of the thread to the store and try to match them the best you can in order to finish?

    That’s a lot of cream thread too. Is all of that for one of those projects? It looks interesting, I’ll enjoy seeing the progress you make. I’m also one that instead of focusing on one project at a time, I start a new one. That’s how I managed to gain myself a total of 16 WIPs. (I counted after I told you I had about 20! lol)

    By the way, I’m currently working on that blog post I promised you, showing off my new cross stitch organization. It should be ready to post soon. So you’ll be able to look for it either tonight, or possibly tomorrow! 🙂

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    1. Ah, I should have typed in the name of the kit I started in this post! It’s another Dimensions design :). I’ll edit this post in a bit to reflect the change.

      I figured if I ever feel like stitching the designs in the picture with the cute kits and the thread holder, there’s a DMC color code in the chart to refer to. Probably not going to happen with the current WIPs I have (and lots of potential future ones I may start) :P.

      I read your post a little earlier today and will comment shortly 🙂


  2. You sound like me! lol can’t stick to my wips, although I’ve been trying very very hard! The designs look cute but you’ll have to go get more thread :/ hopefully you can find ones that match!


  3. I know what you mean by overseas stitch kits being low quality. A cousin of mine bought me some from Taiwan, and the designs are more on the cutesy side than intricate patterns. The floss quality is also a bit poor. I’m finding this kind of floss breaks occasionally or gets knotted more frequently even when I use Thread Heaven to smooth it out.


  4. Yeah, definitely with the cutesy side. I don’t know if that’s just what’s big in Asia or something we both just happened to get from relatives. What’s Thread Heaven?


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