Elegant Geisha – week 2

IMG_20150907_233546032More than half-way there by the looks of it!

I started the half cross-stitches sooner than I expected to. It’s a nice change and thankfully they’re going much more quickly than the full cross-stitches. I’m trying my hardest to not pull the strands for the half cross-stitches too taut to keep the holes in the cloth from expanding (Is there a dirty joke in there somewhere? hehe).

I goofed again in the beginning when starting the half cross-stitches by using two strands instead of one. I only noticed when I thought the tan in the background looked way too dark and..had to redo them :(.

There are unfinished bits for the geisha’s kimono because the colors I didn’t finish are also used for back stitches, french knots, etc.

For a design this small, I wasn’t expecting its complexity and the time needed to complete it. It’s certainly keeping me busy 🙂

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